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Seeeds gallery exhibition

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Really very happy to announce my participation in the exhibition "Unique and / or singular" Seeeds Gallery. Opening on Thursday, November 18, 2021 from 6 pm to 11 pm at 32 Pastourelle 75003 Paris. It is a unique exhibition with 27 works and 27 artists!

Vraiment très heureux de vous annoncer ma participation à l’exposition « Unique et/ou singulier » Seeeds Gallery . Vernissage le jeudi 18 novembre 2021 de 18h à 23h au 32 Pastourelle 75003 Paris. C’est une exposition unique avec 27 œuvres, 27 artistes!

“The plum keeper” is a self-portrait through which I’m intending to depict and honor a treasured memory, the season of plum harvest during my childhood. I still remember the sweet aromas and flavors in the house of my grandmother while she was preparing the fruits for her famous plum compote. I recall all the details, her hands slicing and peeling the plums, the light, the sounds, everything caught in the stillness of a definitely passed time, enveloped in the vapors of the kitchen. Senses and memories awaken. How does it happen? The typical shape of a common fruit, like a plum, may also work as a container of precious memories and trigger some special thoughts and emotions apart from the sense of taste.

This image works as an emotional landscape, an edible metaphor that follows the narrative flow of a hypothetical fairytale: “once upon a time, there was a bird-eye man, the guardian of the magical plums. The vigilant keeper was warming up the precious fruits with affective gazes, whispering and blowing all the unspoken words of his life…”

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