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Bronze Tifa Award

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

It is my great pleasure to inform you that my photo "Faith" has been awarded a Winning Placement / Bronze in the 2021 Tokyo International Foto Awards. This photo is also a part of the TIFA 2021 Official Selection.

Winner - Faith - Single Winner (

Bronze Award at the Tokyo Internatinal Photo Awards

My warmest congratulations to all the winners and the participants for their amazing photographic works!


"What does really mean to stay connected with your faith? Is it a profound need, a personal quest for spirituality, the fear of the unknown, and death? Is it a tradition, following the steps of your family and your ancestors? Is it just a plexus of laws, rituals, and interdictions or something deeper? This image shows a man holding in his arms an old icon, a relic of his family, passing from generation to generation.

What`s the emotional weight of such an object?

Inspired by the items immigrants and refugees carry with them during their exile"


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