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TIFA Bronze Award 2021

My photo "Faith" has been awarded a Winning Placement / Bronze in the 2021 Tokyo International Foto Awards. This photo is also a part of the TIFA 2021 Official Selection.

Winner - Faith - Single Winner (

"What does really mean to stay connected with your faith? Is it a profound need, a personal quest for spirituality, the fear of the unknown, and death? Is it a tradition, following the steps of your family and your ancestors? Is it just a plexus of laws, rituals, and interdictions or something deeper? This image shows a man holding in his arms an old icon, a relic of his family, passing from generation to generation. What`s the emotional weight of such an object?

Inspired by the items immigrants and refugees carry with them during their exile"

0013 The plum keeper.jpg

It was such a great honor

to participate in the "Unique and/or singular" exhibition of the Seeeds Gallery

in Paris with my photo 

"The plum keeper"  

18-21 November 2021 32 street Pastourelle,

Paris 75003

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