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Sometimes dreams come slowly in slices

fragments and fractions.

They leave their carbon shades on your skin

offering the necessary intervening time

to watch the birds winging in the thick air

giving you an amplified vision

to observe each tiny crystal raindrop on the winter branches.

What rests in the end

is just this sense of icy verticality

settled with the line of your neck.

Years like freezing winters, winters like long years.

Areas of whiteness, confines and borders of being

-in silence

Muted in silent hibernation,

regular cycles of life and laws of nature.

Under this icy surface, veins of warm longins

a keen and clean desire to escape from

what numbs me evermore...

Updated: 7 days ago

....the pleasure of seeing even before the pleasure of taking the photograph, one can exist without the other and in any case i`ve always known that i haven`t seen anything until l`ve seen beyond appearances. I`ve always known that i have to close my eyes before opening them...

Sarah Moon

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