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I feel so happy that one of my travel photos from the island of Nisyros has been selected to participate in the Blank Wall Gallery exhibition "Travel", 23/9 - 5/10 2022, Athens.

The title of the photo is "Circular vision". At the centre of the image, you can see the small island of Strogili. View from the village of Pali on the island of Nisyros, through the circular opening of a beach cabin for changing clothes.

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Updated: Sep 1

It is my great pleasure to inform you that i have been awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2022 Prix de la Photographie de Paris in the category Press / other.

PX3 2022 Honorable Mention Winner - Zeitenlik - Single Winner


This is a series of photos entitled Zeitenlik. Zeitenlik is an Allied military cemetery and World War I memorial park in Thessaloniki, the largest military cemetery in Greece. It is a unique monument that reminds us of the legacy of all those who fought for freedom almost a century ago (1914-1918). In the last months, I often visit this military cemetery just to realize the cost of the war on human lives and to honour those who gave their all for the common good. I`m trying to visually capture this space of memorialization, following the rhythm of the crosses on the field, the shadows, and the textures.

Congratulations to all the participants for their impressive photographic work!

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The sun has set and the plaza in Nikia of Nisyros is sailing in its oval substance. You can't see the sea. Only these lines were leaning in front of you, curving towards infinity and framing a horizon of tranquility within you. Now it`s your turn, you are also sailing in the clarity and the Buoyancy of the moment.